Faded Silhouettes #025 – March 2016

Hello! First things first: I’m so dumb that even simple things like counting cause me problems. Under the last episode I wrote “it’s the 24th episode of Faded Silhouettes podcast!” and shortly after that “Happy 2nd birthday, Faded Silhouettes!”. Well, it turns out, when you start naming your podcast episodes from #001, the #024 episode won’t be the 2nd birthday of the show. 4×4 didn’t equal 12 at all, deadmau5!

So today’s episode, #025, will fix all of the problems with the whole situation. This is the birthday episode. Like, for real. I’m sure.

It’s been an amazing journey and I’m not gonna stop! Happy 2nd birthday, Faded Silhouettes! I did a small refinement to the artwork, now it has less noise and distortion. It’s also gluten-free!

This is a very happy day, although Avicii posted a sad note on avicii.com, you need to check it out for yourself. He’s been my big inspiration from the start and had a big impact on my life. Thanks, Tim! <3

Faded Silhouettes #024 – February 2016

Welcome back! This set is so special to me, because it’s the 24th episode of Faded Silhouettes podcast! Can you imagine how time flies? Happy 2nd birthday, Faded Silhouettes! I’m so proud of this child! Thank you for being there for all this time! Not going to stop! 😉

Enough talking, let the music speak! Enjoy your listen! And see you next month! 🙂

Faded Silhouettes #023 – January 2016

Hi guys! Let’s start this year with an hour of great music! This is the first episode in 2016, but I promise it won’t be the last one 😉 Have a good time listening! And see you next month!

Major Lazer – Be Together (feat. Wild Belle) [Adrian Kwiatkowski Remix] is out now on: https://soundcloud.com/adriank1410/major-lazer-be-together-adrian-kwiatkowski-remix, grab it now for free! 🙂

Faded Silhouettes #022 – December 2015

Hello all! This is the last episode of Faded Silhouettes this year. But don’t you worry child, 2016 is going to be amazing too! Play, don’t stop the music. Happy New Year!

Thank you for the support in 2015. Here’s a recap of my stuff from this year:

Betty Who – All of You (Adrian Kwiatkowski Remix) – https://adriankwiatkowski.bandcamp.com/track/all-of-you-adrian-kwiatkowski-remix
Synchronice & Kasum – Glorious (feat. Ruby Prophet) [Adrian Kwiatkowski Remix] – https://soundcloud.com/adriank1410/synchronice-kasum-glorious-feat-ruby-prophet-adrian-kwiatkowski-remix
Serendipity EP (including remixes from Magik, Tonfigur, NeonWorlds) – https://soundcloud.com/adriank1410/sets/serendipity-ep
Serendipity (Birthday Rework) – https://soundcloud.com/adriank1410/serendipity-birthday-rework
Wont Stop Believin – https://soundcloud.com/adriank1410/wont-stop-believin
Darkness Illuminates – https://soundcloud.com/adriank1410/darkness-illuminates

Be sure to grab them if you haven’t yet! <3

Faded Silhouettes #021 – November 2015

Hello, good people! How’s it going? Are you ready for some new music? I bet you do, so here you are! Have fun and see you next month for sure!

Remember to check my new song – Darkness Illuminates – https://soundcloud.com/adriank1410/darkness-illuminates.

Faded Silhouettes #020 – October 2015

Hi there! What’s up? October’s coming to an end so here’s a brand new Faded Silhouettes episode. 20 to be exact. Round number, that’s nice. No, stop it, why would we talk about numbers when there’s good music ready to hit play? 😀 Enjoy!

See you next month!

Check my Serendipity EP if you haven’t done that yet -> https://soundcloud.com/adriank1410/sets/serendipity-ep

Grab Serendipity rework as my birthday gift for you -> https://soundcloud.com/adriank1410/serendipity-birthday-rework

Follow me on Spotify -> https://open.spotify.com/artist/0bnPfchFpM2qLv1xrCK727

Or on Twitter -> http://twitter.com/adriank1410

Faded Silhouettes #019 – September 2015

Hello! How’s it going? Good? I hope so, because I have another hour of music for you to listen to. Can’t be sad about that, right? Right?! 😀

See you next month for sure!

Oh, and don’t forget to check my new EP if you haven’t done that yet: https://soundcloud.com/adriank1410/sets/serendipity-ep <3

SUMMER MIX (Faded Silhouettes #017 & #018 – July & August 2015)

Faded Silhouettes #017 and #018 (July & August 2015) also as SUMMER MIX 2015. Have fun listening! I hope you had a wonderful summer! 🙂 See you next month!

Faded Silhouettes #016 – June 2015

Hello holidays, hello summer! Let’s celebrate it properly with this episode! Have fun and stay safe – see you next month! 🙂